8w xenon flash tube,xenon lamp

Dongguan ryel photoelectric co;LTD; is a professional Flash tube in China, strobe lamp manufacturer, the company can manufacture various types and specifications of Flash tube, the production of products will be used in different sectors. The main products are: Flash tube, strobe lamp, burst flash lamp, network standard lamps, warning lamp. camera flash tube, and so on, and shape of the product are: straight, circular, u-shaped, the doors, spiral. and k-type, and so on, power line with: 5~2000WS.
Product use: 1 (Photo Studio) Flash, subsidies, cold light equipment. 2 (traffic) airplane, sailing ships, lighthouses, lights and indicators. 3 (industrial) scopic speed measuring instrument calibration, positioning, vehicle fire equipment and so on. 4 (civilian) alert system, advertising equipment, stage lighting, show lighting, photography, and more.
Science: analytical instrument, measuring instruments, etc. 5 (medicine): diagnostic instruments, experimental apparatus and so on.
Company's flash tube has a 4-year of production, market one ' s own products flash tube, strobe lamps, energy saving lamps (Rehl brand) well received by the customer's high praise, our company, from design to production, General for a period of 14 days of delivery (domestic), company's monthly capacity is 30000PCS.

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Model Number: s405
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